Metabolic Testing

Nutrition & exercise will only get you so far in your training. Make big improvements with the tools that give you the precision to edge out your competition.

Services are available in-person and virtually. 

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Active Metabolic Breath Testing

Overcome Limitations Using Precise Training Data

Testing starting at $165

  • Comprehensive Fitness Testing to Guide Training

  • Determine Caloric Demands and Fuel Sources

  • Determine VO2 max, Precise Heart Rate Training Zones, Muscle Fiber Composition, & More


Resting Metabolic Testing

Manage Your Caloric Needs

Testing starting at $95

  • Fasting Test to Determine Base Caloric Needs

  • Helps Guide Weight Management and Nutrition Decisions

  • No Exercise Required


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to test with COVID? 

We are diligent with our sanitization process and provide extra protections exceeding sanitization requirements. We follow a regimented 4-step clinical sanitization process of all breath equipment, sanitize all fabric and surface areas between clients, and provide single-use antimicrobial filters on the metabolic device and spirometry device. All used products are sanitarily disposed of in a closed container and removed daily. We provide hand sanitizer, screen for COVID symptoms, and wear masks and gloves during your testing. When possible, we respect social distancing protocols. 

What will be measured?

In your metabolic test, we measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration as well as the air volume of your breath every couple of milliseconds. By combining these three signals, it calculates 12 biomarkers, which cumulatively paint the picture of heart, lung, brain, and metabolism functioning. 

How will this data help me?

You shouldn't be left to sift through a report full of data without a way to put it into action. In addition to a one-on-one post testing coaching session, we break the data down into easy-to-understand report to give you insights into your:

  • Metabolic Efficiency

  • Fat Burning Efficiency

  • Specific Training Recommendations

  • Nutrition Suggestions

  • Caloric expenditure

  • Aerobic Health

  • Respiratory Fitness

  • Cardio Fitness

  • Accurate Heart Rate Training Zones

  • Fuel Source Burning (Fats & Carbs)

  • Breathing & Cognition

  • Posture & Mobility

  • VO2 Peak

  • Tidal Volume

  • Training Thresholds

  • And more...


How do I use this data to optimize my performance?

Our body is like an engine that uses oxygen to “burn” nutrients (e.g., fats and carbs), releasing their energy to power physical activity through a process called aerobic metabolism. This energy-generating mechanism doesn’t cause fatigue and is sustainable for long workouts. 

Therefore, performing physical activity without getting tired is dependent on your ability to absorb oxygen through the lungs, pump oxygen-rich blood through the heart to the working muscles and use the oxygen in your cells to burn nutrients and release their energy.   

This chain can break at any point, causing your body to become less efficient and build fatigue—the points where the chain breaks are your limiting factors. Breaking the chain leads to less oxygen delivery, forcing your body to switch to anaerobic metabolism, a fatigue generating process that reduces your ability to perform physical work. Metabolic testing provides the gold-standard method for identifying where your limiting-factor lies and determines the nutrition and training plan to overcome it.  

How will metabolic testing help me lose weight?

You might have heard of the notorious “weight loss plateau,” the state in which you are unable to lose weight even though you are still dieting and consuming fewer calories than before. This plateau is caused by a metabolism slow-down, meaning that your body no longer burns the same amount of calories it used to. In most cases, this phenomenon, also known as adaptive thermogenesis, occurs when people experience a 10-15% reduction in body weight. When this happens, even though you continue to eat fewer calories, the decreased food intake is no longer enough to cause a significant caloric deficit, which is the only way to achieve weight loss, hence, the “weight loss plateau.” As a result, monitoring your metabolic activity, becoming aware of its drop, and changing your nutrition and training plan accordingly, is highly essential for weight loss.

How do I know this isn't a gimmick?

The metabolic unit we use has been independently validated and is used in clinical and research settings across the world.

Does my period affect my test? 

Yes, the female metabolism is significantly affected by the phase of your menstrual cycle. For best results, we suggest scheduling your test pre-ovulation between days 6-14 of your menstrual cycle for a 28 day cycle.

Can I use my results for all my sports? 

The results from the testing are specific to your sport, as your metabolic needs and exercise physiology vary between sports. We can set up multi-sport testing for multi-sport athletes. If you do not bike or run, or have physical limitations, we can coordinate other equipment to simulate your sport for testing. We can also coordinate functional testing for first responders, military personnel, and other physically demanding jobs. 

Can I get "real world" testing outside of the lab? 

Yes, there are portable units that can perform this type of testing. As of March 23, 2021, we are in the process of obtaining a new unit and will update our service options depending on the capabilities of the new unit.

Will my beard mess up my test? 

Short, trimmed beards will not interfere with the mask seal and will not interfere with your test. Long, bushy beards will likely interfere with your test results. We advise you consider trimming your beard short before the test for best results if possible. Your beard is precious and we will do our best to work around it if necessary.

Does the time of day I test matter? 

For fitness tests, the time of day does not matter. For resting metabolic tests, you have to be fasting for a minimum of 5 hours prior to the test. Stress can also affect your test. For these reasons, most people prefer to schedule their resting metabolic test in the morning or shortly after they wake up. For rescheduling your resting metabolic test, it is important to re-test during the same time of day. For women, it is also important to reschedule near the same time of your menstrual cycle for best results.

Will it be harder to breathe with the mask on? 

No, the mask will not interfere with your normal breathing. It channels all your air through a port with a sensor, so your breath will be more humid than normal but it will not restrict breathing in any way.

What if I am claustrophobic? 

Most people with anxiety disorders have no issues with completing the test. It is a short test and you are monitored the entire time. If you are concerned, let your coach know. If you have severe anxiety, we suggest either considering a resting metabolism test only for your first test or calling us to consider other fitness analysis options.


How does the testing work?

This is a breath-only test where you will wear a breathable, light-weight mask and a light-weight device on a backpack that will analyze your breath. Every cell in your body is constantly consuming oxygen to burn nutrients. This releases carbon dioxide as well as the energy found in these nutrients, which is needed to power our vital functions and movement, called metabolism. By measuring the total oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production of the human body, we can effectively measure the cumulative cellular metabolic function in your body.

How heavy is the equipment? 

The equipment if portable and lightweight, weighing less than 4 pounds total.