Metabolic Testing, Sports Psychology, Bike Fitting, Performance Assessments, & Labs

Nutrition & exercise will only get you so far in your training. Make big improvements with the tools that give you the precision to edge out your competition.

Services are available in-person and virtually. 

Military, Veterans, & First Responders : call for exclusive pricing



Active Metabolic Breath Testing

Overcome Limitations Using Precise Training Data

Testing starting at $165

  • Comprehensive Fitness Testing to Guide Training

  • Determine Caloric Demands and Fuel Sources

  • Determine VO2 max, Precise Heart Rate Training Zones, Muscle Fiber Composition, & More


Resting Metabolic Testing

Manage Your Caloric Needs

Testing starting at $95

  • Fasting Test to Determine Base Caloric Needs

  • Helps Guide Weight Management and Nutrition Decisions

  • No Exercise Required


Sports & Performance Psychology

Conquer Mental Barriers to Performance

Pricing varies

  • Individualized Attention to Mental Factors Affecting Performance

  • Personalized Strategies to Overcome Performance Barriers

  • Help Overcome Fears After Big Losses, Injuries, Crashes, Falls, and More

Professional Bike Fitting

Maximize Performance with Bike Adjustments

Pricing varies

  • Bike Sizing (1.5 hours) starting at $85

  • Professional Bike Fitting (3 hours) starting at $210

  • Remote/Virtual Bike Fitting (2 hours) starting at $150

  • Cleat Fitting (1 hour) starting at $70

Performance Assessments

Find Out Where You Need to Improve

Pricing varies

  • Coached FTP Test starting at $60

  • Pedal Stroke Analysis starting at $60

  • Body Composition Analysis (caliper) starting at $15

  • Form Analysis with Annotated Video starting at $90

  • General Fitness Assessment starting at $40

Clinical Labs

Blood, Saliva, & Urine Testing

Under Development