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When did living a healthy, active life become so damn complicated?

There isn't a switch that magically makes you into a parent, partner, athlete, employee, or friend. You're one person with one life full of competing demands. It's silly when industry professionals to pretend they have a single solution to a single role you play in life.

With integrative coaching, you tell your coach what you want to achieve & your coach will equip you with guidance, knowledge, tools & resources, and actionable step to accomplish your health, fitness, & lifestyle goals. You will get support from many disciplines to reach your goals, not just fitness or nutrition.

Services are available in-person and virtually.

Military, Veterans, & First Responders : call for exclusive pricing


Fitness Coaching & Education

  • Review of your training profile and fitness activities

  • Accountability from your coach

  • Option to add (for additional cost)

    • Fitness programming (standard or custom)

    • Detailed training metric analysis

    • Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Training Plan


Nutrition Coaching & Education

  • Comprehensive Intake Session (One-Time: $200)

  • Schedule Sessions as Needed (Up to once a week)

  • Custom approaches to your lifestyle nutrition

  • Education to feel confident to "do it on your own"

  • Sport and gender-specific considerations


Dietary & Herbal Supplement Coaching

  • Education and resources to navigate the unregulated world of supplements

  • Individualized & specific recommendations (only vetted and independently certified brands)

  • Detailed Supplement Strategy for Health or Performance Needs

  • Detailed Supplement Strategy for Health or Performance Needs

  • Option to add (for additional cost)

    • Comprehensive medical history evaluation & analysis of any clinical lab results

    • Follow-Up lab testing orders


Cognitive Fitness

  • Attention to Mental Factors Affecting Performance

  • Strategies to Overcome Performance Barriers

  • Overcome Fears After Big Losses, Injuries, Crashes, Falls, and More

  • Set strong, realistic goals


Performance Assessments

  • Coached FTP Test starting at $60

  • Pedal Stroke Analysis starting at $60

  • Body Composition Analysis (caliper) starting at $15

  • Form Analysis with Annotated Video starting at $90

  • General Fitness Assessment starting at $40

Professional Bike Fitting

  • Professional Bike Fitting (3 hours) starting at $210

  • Remote/Virtual Bike Fitting (2 hours) starting at $150

  • Cleat Fitting (1 hour) starting at $70

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